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Rafał "Ruff" Libner Musician, traveller, soundman and song writer, playing the didjeridu since 1998. He is cofounder of: Radio Samsara , Nell Ambientes, Balanda Didjeridoo Duo. He also cooperates with: Stary Theatre in Cracow as a didjeridu musician in Factory 2 by Krystian Lupa; Studnia O storytellers group, Storia Theurgica Dynamic Multimedia Project. He also performed with Gadająca Tykwa (Talking Gourd) and Magic Carpathians; during numerous travels to Nepal he performed and recorded with Shyam Nepali Group. His solo project is called 'Travelling Didgeridoo' where he uses personally recorded "road movies" as a video background. “Soundbreathing - Electro Acoustic Didgeridoo Soundscape”is his new cyclic activity. Since the first edition in 2015 he is co-organizer of didgeridoo festival "Sounds from the Root". Since 2016 he is president of the association Didjeridoo.PL

- in may 2005 get solo award for didjeridoo playing(with Nell' Ambientes) on "Nowa Tradycja" folk festival of polish radio in Warszawa...

- in december 2007 with Nell' Ambientes win first award on XVII Mikolajki Folkowe - folk festival in Lublin Poland.

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